Wind Dancer

Wind Dancer

Eragrostis curvula

Weeping Love Grass forms a sea of undulating texture when planted in masses. This beautiful ornamental grass has narrow, light blue/green foliage, which reaches two feet and flows into soft curves. In late spring, graceful, arching seed heads extend to three feet adding more movement. A South African native, Eragrostis curvula was brought to the US in the 1930s as a forage grass and for erosion control. Its ability to form extensive, thick mats of roots found a use by DOTs across the Southeast and several Northern and Western states. Golf courses and shopping malls also take advantage of its low maintenance properties to stabilize hillsides and banks. It has a tendency to self-sow, so place Weeping Love Grass in areas where spreading is welcome.

Uses: Slopes, stabilize hillsides and banks

Full Sun to Light Shade

Zone 6-11

Height 2-3′