We are a specialty grower with over 20 years experience growing, propagating, and maintaining ornamental grasses, succulents, perennials Poinsettia’s and Living Walls. Let us use our knowledge to help recommend plants for your next project. We have grasses for lawn replacements or meadows, ponds, slopes, bioswales, coastal, and heat tolerant grasses with a focus on new low water & low maintenance introductions. We can also provide valuable planting & maintaining information to help keep your project looking great.

Contract Growing
Have the plants and sizes you want when you want them. Save money planting the correct size and don’t be at the mercy of what’s on the current availability. We can quote prices and give you the time frame from start to finish.

Living Walls
We have grown many living wall projects from Seasons 52 restaurant, AKA Beverly Hills, Pure Fitness, Westwood Gateway, Loews, and Spring Hill Suites and many others. We have a lot of experience with many living wall systems. We continue to expand our succulent and perennial production to find the best plants for our living wall custom grows.

Fundraiser Programs
We have created many successful fundraiser programs to provide your organization with an opportunity to have an easy and profitable fundraiser. From holiday poinsettias, spring combination planters to Savvy succulent dish gardens. Let us design a new custom program for your organization.

Quality Grower
We have had many compliments on our holiday poinsettias and on the quality standards and how long our poinsettias last. We choose the best varieties looking for strong branch structure and a ‘V’ shaped architecture, dark green leaves, with showy red horizontal bracts.