Whirlwind White

Whirlwind White

Scaevola aemula

Don’t be fooled by their delicate, lacy flowers and gracefully mounding/spreading habit. Fan Flowers are native to the Bush country of Western Australia. Constantly in flower, these combo stars also boast attractive foliage and a well-branched habit. Whirlwind Blue has fade-proof purple-blue flowers, looks great in a four-inch
pot and is ideal for landscaping. Whirlwind White continues to set the standard for season-long performance and immunity to temperature extremes and tough conditions. Award Winners

WHIRLWIND Scaevola aemula 62 Awards Including: Excellent Rating, Disney Trials; Best of the Best, University of Georgia; Top Performer, Michigan State

Uses: landscape or hanging basket

Full Sun

Zone 10-11

Height 8-14″