Variegated Grass Lily

Variegated Grass Lily

Anthericum saundersiae variegata

This plant’s foot-tall clumps produce white lily-like flowers on thin, arching stems. It blooms from late spring into fall; blooms are followed by attractive brown capsular fruits. Its foliage is narrow, linear, and dark-green.
Noteworthy characteristics: This plant is used best in a mixed garden or in a small mass, but it will work as a specimen, in a large container, or in mixed beds.
Care: Grow in wet soil if in full sun, or average soil if in the shade. Needs well-drained soil.  Requires consistent amounts of moisture for best performance.
Among the most beautiful of hardy flowers,” Enchanting, starlike white flowers embellish slender leafless stems arising from a base of narrow grassy foliage. The seed spikes are equally lovely. Naturalize in a warm, sunny spot with fertile, well drained soil, and don’t forget to cut a few of its flowers for your next bouquet.

Uses: Beds and Borders, Container, Cut Flower, Naturalizing

Full Sun to Part Shade

Height 18″

Zone 6 – 11