Torch Aloe

Torch Aloe

Aloe arborescens

Large densely growing succulent growing to 9 feet tall by an equal spread with many 18 inch wide rosettes of narrow recurved soft-toothed margined leaves that are dull green or yellowish or sometimes blue-green depending on the location and amount of sunlight it receives. Coral-red flowers hang tightly on unbranched inflorescence that rises 2 feet above the foliage in late fall and early winter. Plant in full sun (coast) to light shade. This drought tolerant plant does great in coastal California without any supplementary irrigation. Hardy to about 22 degrees F.

Uses: An indispensable succulent for the medicinal, herbal, or dry garden, this very showy & easy plant is commonly grown as a living fence in its native South Africa. Large, specious flower spikes in red-orange

Zones 9-11

Full Sun to Part Sun

Height 6-10′