Toffee Twist

Toffee Twist

Carex flagellifera

Upright arching. Iridescent, slender mahogany-colored leaves form a dark cluster. The distinctive, wispy form makes it a great accent plant in containers and perfect for mass plantings. The weeping ultra-fine clump of long and thin, dark chocolate-colored blades sets this mop-top New Zealander apart. Carex flagellifera’s easily melded tones and fluid upright arching form brings textural intrigue to containers, the rockery, walls or borders, whether installed as a stand-alone or a sweep.  Weeping Brown Sedge takes sun, shade, moisture and somewhat dry conditions, and remains evergreen where winters are mild.

Uses: Containers, mass plantings, rock gardens

Full Sun to Shade

Height 15-18″

Zone 7-11