Texas Blue Grass

Texas Blue Grass

Poa arachnifera

Texas blue grass is tufted, cool season perennial. Dense clusters of stems and leaves rise from long, slender rhizomes. A broad, dense seed head, with tufts of silky-white hairs, tops the 1-1 1/2 ft. culms. Leaves are usually much shorter. This Texas cool season native forms clumps with narrow blue-green leaves. In spring the showy 2-3 ft. fluffy silvery flowers rise above the foliage. Good in most well drained soils. Can tolerate some shade. A good groundcover unmowed or mowed.

Growth begins in the fall. Foliage stays green all winter, if moisture is available. It becomes dormant through the hot summer months. In extremely low temperatures, leaves freeze but more leaves grow from auxiliary buds on the basal nodes. It reproduces from stolons and from seed. Seeds produced in the spring germinate in the fall. It grows best on clay and clay loam soils.

Uses: Attractive , Seeds-Small mammals, Seeds-granivorous birds, Nesting material, Attracts: Butterflies

Full Sun to Part Shade

Height 1-2′