Dianella tasmanica

This wide bladed flax lily has an arched habit and grows to approximately 18 to 24 inches tall and 12 to 18 inches wide.  Several noted characteristics make this a great plant for specimen or group plantings: in full sun, the foliage is a vivid lime color, in shade it is deep green and during winter, red pigmentations radiate up from the crown and throughout the plant giving it a maroon hue.  If the foliage isn’t enough, Tasred has a decent display of the typical flax lily flower but produces larger-than-average purple berries which adorn the plant for about a month in early summer!  Best suited to Western gardens.

Uses: Specimen Planting, Group & Mass Planting, Home Gardens

Full Sun to Moderate Shade

Zone 8-11

height 18-24″