Siskyou Blue

Siskyou Blue

Festuca idahoensis

Festuca ‘Siskiyou Blue’ is an evergreen grass that forms a neat clumping mound of silvery-gray foliage. It has slender blades of electric blue foliage that shimmer in the sun.  Blue-green flower spikes bloom in summer on slender, upright stems that are about 4-5″ taller than the foliage.  The flowers mature to tan. Once established, Siskiyou Blue fescue is drought tolerant.

Planting Siskiyou Blue in full sun really brings out the color of the foliage.  However, it’s also tolerant of dappled shade.

Siskiyou Blue is tolerant of most soil types including clay.  It prefers good drainage, but will tolerate short periods of waterlogged soil if necessary.

Zone 8-11

Height 10-12″