Red Star

Red Star

Cordyline australis

With it’s long, tropical looking leaves, Cordyline australis ‘Red Star’ is an exceptional plant to use for height and texture in container plantings. Red Star Cordyline has dark burgundy red foliage and grows to about 36 inches tall and it’s leaves are longer and more narrow than that of the Dracaenas . Use this red leaved Cordyline with the lime green of Ipomoea ‘Marguerite’ or ‘Tri-color’ for a great contrast in mixed containers and because Cordyline or Cabbage Palms are hardy, where Dracaenas are not, you can pair it in the border next to larger leaved plants. Cordyline ‘Red Star’ needs good light to maintain it’s dark color and don’t let it dry out between watering.

Uses: Great for use in borders, beds, and containers.

Full Sun to Part Shade

Zone 7-11

Height 3-4′