Westringia fruiticosa

A great groundcover form of coastal rosemary. Used as a specimen  or in mass,  Mundi is great for tough roadsides and residential gardens alike. Best suited to Zones 9-11 in arid climates although Mundi continues to show potential for low water gardens in humid regions.  It’s super short height and infrequent pruning requirement distinguish Mundi from other Westringia currently on the market. Coastal rosemary, so named for its rosemary-like leaves, is a drought and salt tolerant shrub that works well in coastal plantings.  Some Westringia varieties, including Mundi, are also proving to be adapt to humid, subtropical climates of the southeastern US. So while Westringia are best suited to Mediterranean climates, Mundi has continued to perform very well in the South, provided it is planted in a raised, free-draining soil and is watered infrequently (and best when irrigated via drip irrigation).

Uses: Drought tolerant mass and group plantings or as an accent; coastal, salt laden landscapes; water-wise gardens

Full Sun to Part Shade

Zone 9-11

Height 2-3′