Medicine Plant

Medicine Plant

Aloe vera

Aloe vera, also known as a burn plant or medicine plant, is a succulent often grown as a houseplant. Aloe is known for its healing properties as a topical analgesic. Aside from reportedly relieving itching, it is thought to reduce pain caused by minor burns and other skin irritations. Because Aloe Vera plants are very succulent and consist of 95% water, they are extremely frost tender. If they are grown outdoors in warm climates, they should be planted in full sun, or light shade. The soil should be moderately fertile, and fast draining. Established plants will survive a drought quite well, but for the benefit of the plant, water should be provided. Unless you live in area with a very mild climate, it’s best to leave your Aloe plant in the pot and place it near a window that gets a lot of sun.

Uses: houseplant, medicine plant

Full sun to Part Shade

Zone 9-11

Height 2-3′