Licorice Sweet Flag

Licorice Sweet Flag

Acorus gramineus

Licorice is an entirely rich dark green form of Japanese Sweet Flag with blade-shaped grassy lances arranged in fans. When you crush or brush up against the foliage it emits a strong sweet licorice scent. Larger growing than ‘Ogon’ or ‘Variegata’ ,  Acorus gramineus ‘Licorice’ can also be used to brew tea and is used in Thai cooking. But Japanese Sweet Flag has medicinal application as well; it can be used to treat depression, gastritis and may increase appetite. Site ‘Licorice’ in full to part sun, planted in moisture retaining to wetter soils but is adaptable to more well-drained conditions, too. Clumping.

Uses: Rock Garden, Massing, Border, Natural Garden, Edging, Potted Plant, Ground Cover, Marginal plant

Full Sun to Part Shade

Zone 6-11

Height 8-15″