Fox Tail Agave

Fox Tail Agave

Agave attenuata

This Agave presents to the gardener none of the dangers that its spine-covered relatives do. Massing up to 4 to 5 feet tall by about twice as wide, individual rosettes may reach 4 feet wide atop a stout curving smooth gray stem that rise up to 4 feet tall. The wide pale green pliable leaves emerge from a tight central spear to arch gracefully back, looking a bit like large open green flower. Mature plants send up a 5 to 10 foot vertical flower stalk that reflexes back towards the ground before arching upward again, giving this plant the common name, the Fox-tail agave. The flowers are a pale greenish yellow and are followed by seed pods and many new “plantlets”. Plant in full coastal sun to shade in moist or dry soils (looks best with an occasional watering). Tolerates seaside conditions.

Uses: Landscape, street scapes

Full Sun to Shade

Zone 9-11

Height 4-5′