Chiangii Wide-Leaf Hesperaloe

Chiangii Wide-Leaf Hesperaloe

Hesperaloe funifera

Hesperaloe funifera ssp. chiangii makes a bold statement while being approachable and user-friendly. This unarmed plant is characterized by wide, deep green leaves that are edged with coarse white filaments. It can form large clusters from underground stems with time. Hesperaloe funifera chiangii sends up an eight to twelve foot high flower stalk in late spring or early summer. Wide-leaf hesperaloe grows best in full sun, and thrives in reflected heat locations such as freeway right-of-ways and park-
ing lot planters. . It also makes an excellent container plant. It differs from the regular Hesperaloe funifera by its wider leaves and cold tolerance. This subspecies is only hardy to zone 8 (10° F), while the regular species is hardy to zone 6 (-10° F).

Uses: Containers, commerical planters, specimen

Full Sun

Zone 8-11

Height 6-7′