Blue Grama or Mosquito Grass

Blue Grama or Mosquito Grass

Bouteloua gracilis

Bouteloua gracilis reaches about one foot tall when its seed heads are in full bloom. It is a low-growing, native grass, which acts as a ground cover when planted close together. In fact, Blue Grama is used as an alternative to traditional lawns, and can be mowed once in a while. Blue Grama thrives in full sun and dry conditions, a definite advantage during drought conditions and a plus for conserving water. One of its common names, Mosquito Grass, refers to its flowers hovering above the green, grassy foliage. Bouteloua gracilis grows naturally in dry prairies, and is often found in rocky or clay soil. It is an original prairie grass. They are drought tolerant and at home in meadows.
Uses: Suitable for specimen planting or in mixed borders, banks, slopes, lawn alternatives

Care: well-drained soil and in dry conditions; very drought tolerant, tolerates poor soil

Full sun

Height 6-12″